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Architect fees-how much does an architect cost?

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We normally base our fee on a percentage of the construction cost, as it is a good reflection of the complexity and size of a one-off house project.

Our typical fees are between 8 and 15% of construction cost. The percentage fee is not arbitrary, but based on our experience of delivering similar projects.

We do, however, realise that there may seem to be no incentive for us to keep the cost of a project down, so we often fix our fee. Our fee is only revised under specific criteria and this is done by joint review with the client at fixed points throughout the process, giving our clients the confidence in knowing that our fees will remain steady throughout a project.

We offer our fee at three different levels: Good, Better and Best. The different levels ensure that our clients can choose a level of service that suits them and their project.


At this level we provide a full architectural service, but not detailed bathroom and kitchen drawings. It would also limit the number of site visits during construction. This is the minimum level at which we believe that we can deliver a quality home to our clients.


For this scope of work we would do a full architectural service, as well as provide detailed drawings and specifications for bathrooms and kitchens.


This is by far our most popular level of service. We would provide full architectural services, and interior design services – such as bespoke joinery design, selections of furniture and fittings, as well as curtain and blinds. We would also provide a physical model and photorealistic renderings of both exterior and interior spaces.

Our overall fee is broken down into smaller portions, meaning that for each of the project stages (outlined in our work stage section -we have assigned a percentage of our total fee). This figure reflects the amount of work carried out at each stage and how much of our time is required to complete that phase. We provide as well Online Plans Service which includes only documentation for RIBA Stages 2-4A.

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