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What architectural services do we provide?

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What architectural services do we provide?

Working in the specialist field of one-off houses and homes has required us to tailor our services to the type of projects and clients we work with.

We carry-out full architectural services, but we can also provide:

  • advice on sites
  • interior design
  • bespoke furniture and product design
  • landscape design (in collaboration with planting specialists) 
  • models and 3D visualisation

We broadly work in line with the Royal Institute of British Architects’ work stages:

Preparation and Brief

This stage involves defining the project, brief, discussing construction cost targets, defining expectations and advising of additional consultants and costs that will be associated with the project.

Concept Design

We will finalise the brief and explore how clients’ aspirations will be reflected in the designs. Most excitingly, this stage is where the initial design work will be carried out and the building will start taking form. Construction methodology and costs will be considered. At the end of this work stage we typically engage with the planners in a Pre-application (PreApp) process. 

Developed Design

In this stage, we develop the design in more detail. We finalise plans, materiality and positioning on site. We produce planning application documents, liaise with consultants and direct and collate their information.

We submit the planning application and liaise with the planners during the application period.

Technical Design

The work we undertake during RIBA stage 4 is incredibly thorough. In order to translate a contemporary design into a building, high quality construction drawings are needed. We produce a detailed package of construction drawings, schedules and specifications that cover how the building is put together, finished, and fitted-out.

During this stage we will have multiple meetings with consultants to refine and co-ordinate the design, and to ensure that other disciplines are fully integrated. We also meet with the clients at critical points to review the proposals, material choices, products chosen etc. We may also suggest visits to showrooms and relevant projects to see samples and goods ‘in the flesh’.


We have an important role during construction. Whilst the work undertaken at Stage 4 aims to provide a complete solution from which the contractor can build, there will be day-to-day issues that require our continuous dialogue with the contractor.

We will be at hand to advise and answer queries from the contractor and work with them to resolve site issues. By maintaining this relationship, we can also keep a close eye on progress, quality and accuracy.

Our role is not to project manage the contractor’s work, but to ensure that the contract documents are adhered to. We will administer the building contract and ensure the build process runs smoothly and work closely with clients to keep them involved (as much as they want) and informed of progress.

Handover/ In-use

RIBA stage 6 involves the handover of the completed building, liaising with any statutory bodies regarding completion and certification of work, and dealing with ‘snagging’ or unsatisfactory work.

For most of our projects, our involvement at RIBA stage 7 is minimal as many clients do not need or want post-occupancy evaluation, and there is no requirement for research or building performance reviews to be undertaken. However, we can of course provide such a service if required.

We tailor the Scope of Work to suit our clients and their specific project, as they can vary greatly in complexity, design and budget.

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